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No Mow May 🐝 Save 15% with code May15 at checkout! With each purchase, Rise will plant 3 trees to help reforest the planet.
No Mow May 🐝 Save 15% with code May15 at checkout! With each purchase, Rise will plant 3 trees to help reforest the planet.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra® 12 Plus Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heater

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No Mow May 🐝 Save 15% with code May15 at Checkout. Some restrictions apply

The Tempra® Plus line features a unique Advanced Flow Control function, which ensures that you’ll never be surprised by a cold shower. It also features two different temperature memory presets, making it easy to adjust for personalized needs. Thanks to these and other innovations, the Tempra® Plus ensures that you’ll enjoy endless hot water along with unrivaled efficiency. (240/208V, 12 kW Copper tankless electric w. Advanced Flow Control)

Tempra® Plus has self-modulation. Self-modulation ensures that only the least amount of energy is used at all times. The Advanced Flow Control function ensures a steady output temperature even if flow rates vary up or down, like when hot water is being used and an additional tap is opened or closed. 


  • Proven reliability from the world leader
  • Unlimited supply of hot water
  • Sleek design saves space
  • No venting required
  • Provides continuous hot water on demand
  • Saves energy-with auto-modulation
  • 7/3-year warranty
  • Tempra® Plus features exclusive Advanced Flow Control, invented by Stiebel Eltron and awarded German patent DE 3805441 C2 and other patents

Every Rise order is shipped carbon neutral

With every Rise order, three trees will be planted to help restore areas devastated by wildfires in North America and restore the coastal mangrove population in Indonesia. Rise has committed to planting 40,000 trees in twelve months for 2022.

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Tempra® Model Item Number

12 Trend 239213 

12 Plus 239219

15 Trend 239214 

15 Plus 239220

20 Trend 239215 

20 Plus 239221

24 Trend3 239216 

24 Plus3 239222

29 Trend4 239217 

29 Plus4 239223

36 Trend5 239218 

36 Plus5 239225 

Phase - 50/60 Hzsingle 50/60 Hzsingle6 50/60 Hzsingle6 50/60 Hzsingle6 50/60 Hzsingle6 50/60 Hzsingle6 50/60 Hz
Voltage240 V or 208 V240 V or 208 V240 V or 208 V240 V or 208 V240 V or 208 V240 V or 208 V
Wattage12 kW9 kW14.4 kW10.8 kW19.2 kW14.4 kW24 kW18 kW3 x 40 A 3 x 35 A 36 kW27 kW
Amperage50 A44 A2 x 30 A2 x 26 A2 x 40 A2 x 35 A2 x 50 A2 x 44 A3 x 40 A3 x 35 A 3 x 50 A3 x 44 A

Number & min. recommended 

size of circuit breakers (1) (DP)

1 x 50 A2 x 30 A2 x 40 A2 x 35 A2 x 50 A3 x 40 A 3 x 35 A3 x 50 A

Number of runs & min. recommended

 wire size (2) (copper)

1 x 8/2 AWG2 x 10/2 AWG2 x 8/2 AWG2 x 8/2 AWG 3 x 8/2 AWG3 x 8/2 AWG 

Maximum temperature increase 

above ambient water temp

@ 1.50 GPM54 °F41 °F65 °F49 °F88 °F66 °F92 °F 82 °F92 °F 92 °F 92 °F 92 °F 
@ 2.25 GPM36 °F27 °F43 °F37 °F58 °F 44 °F73 °F54 °F87 °F66 °F92 °F 82 °F
@ 3.00 GPM27 °F20 °F33 °F 25 °F44 °F33 °F54 °F41 °F66 °F49 °F82 °F61 °F
@ 4.50 GPM----29 °F22 °F37 °F 27 °F44 °F33 °F55 °F41 °F
Min. water flow to activate unit0.37 gpm (1.4 l/min) 0.50 gpm (1.9 l/min)0.50 gpm (1.9 l/min)0.50 gpm (1.9 l/min)0.77 gpm (2.9 l/min)0.77 gpm (2.9 l/min) 
Weight13.5 lb (6.1 kg)16.1 lb (7.3 kg)16.1 lb (7.3 kg)16.1 lb (7.3 kg) 19.0 lb (8.6 kg)19.0 lb (8.6 kg)
Nominal water volume0.13 gal (0.5 l)0.26 gal (1.0 l)0.26 gal (1.0 l)0.26 gal (1.0 l)0.39 gal (1.5 l)0.39 gal (1.5 l)
Max. inlet water temperature131 °F (55 °C)
DimensionsWidth 165 /8˝ (42.0 cm) x Height 14½˝ (36.9 cm) x Depth 45 /8˝ (11.7 cm)
Minimum pressure 30 psi (2 bar)
Working pressure150 psi (10 bar) 
Tested to pressure 300 psi (20 bar)
Water connections¾˝ NPT

1. Overcurrent protection sized at 100% of load. Tankless water heaters are considered a non-continuous load. 

2. Copper conductors with a temperature rating of 75 °C or greater must be used. Conductors should be sized to maintain a voltage drop of less than 3% under load. 

3. Requires minimum 150 A main service. 

4. Requires 200 A main service. 

5. Requires 300 A main service. 

6. 29 Trend/Plus & 36 Trend/Plus may be wired for balanced 3-phase 208 V. 15 Trend/Plus, 20 Trend/Plus, 24 Trend/Plus may be wired for unbalanced 3-phase 208 V

Tempra Trend Brochure and Sizing Guide

Specifications and Installation Guide

Use and care/Warranty Information

Crossover Guide




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