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Shop smart this February! ☃️ Save 10% on select products at checkout* with "feb10".
Shop smart this February! ☃️ Save 10% on select products at checkout* with "feb10".

Stiebel Eltron Scale TAC-ler Plus Water Conditioner

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Shop smart this February! ☃️ Save 10% on select products with feb10 at Checkout. Brand and product exclusions apply

Why Is This Product On Rise?

The Scale TAC-ler water conditioner is compatible with all tankless and conventional
tank-style water heaters. Scale TAC-ler is installed on the cold water inlet of the
water heater, where it treats the water entering the water heater. It will provide
protection for flow rates up to 6 gallons per minute.

If water hardness exceeds 7 grains per gallon (GPG) or 120 mg/l (PPM) hard water treatment should be considered. If hardness exceeds 12 GPG or 200 mg/l (PPM), treatment is strongly recommended. Water heaters with existing mineral scale build-up should be treated with the Flow-Aide de-scaling system to restore original performance. Scale TAC-ler will prevent future mineral build-up.


  • Protects from harmful hard water scale
  • Protects manufacturer's warranty coverage
  • Protects equipment investment
  • Ensures optimal performance and efficiency
  • Maintains water pressure and flow rates
  • Does not add chemicals to the water 
  • Does not change the state, smell, or feel of the water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple installation
  • No daily maintenance
  • No salt, backwashing, chemical regeneration, or nine discharge 
  • Does not remove beneficial minerals 
  • Ideal for all tankless or tank-type water heaters
  • Built-in sediment pre-filter

Stiebel Eltron Accessories Brochure


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