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Stiebel Eltron Accelera 220 E Heat Pump Water Heater

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The Stiebel Eltron 220 Accelera® provides energy efficiency in addition to comfort. This 58-gallon is super-insulated and minimizes stand-by losses means less energy is wasted. The Accelera is engineered to satisfy 90% of hot water needs through the use of the heat pump alone.

Heat pump water heater technology redefines water heater efficiency, producing efficiencies more than three times a conventional water heater would. For every watt, an Accelera’s compressor and fan uses, the equivalent of 3-5 watts of hot water are generated.

In warm climates, an Accelera® is placed either in the garage, where it uses the heat from the outside air to make hot water or inside the house, which helps with the air conditioning load. In cooler climates, the unit is typically placed in the basement, which acts as a dehumidifier. You get hot water at a discount, plus a drier basement as well.

* Installation location has to have a minimum size of 10´ x 10´ x 8´.

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      General DataAccelera® 220 EAccelera® 300 E 
      Item No. 233058233059
      Operating temperature range42°F to 108°F (6°C to 42°C)
      DHW temperature149 °F (65°C)
      Air flow rate324 CFM
      Sound power level* 60 dB
      Sound pressure level* @ 3.3 feet (1 m)52 dB(a)
      Capacity58 gal (220 l)79.8 gal (302 l) 
      Refrigerant / fi lling weightR134a / 850 gR134a / 900 g
      Height60 7/8˝ (1545 mm)75¼˝ (1913 mm)
      Diameter27 1/8˝ (690 mm)
      Height of unit when tilted incl. packing74 1/8˝ (1895 mm)87¾˝ (2230 mm)
      Weight dry264.5 lb (120 kg) 297.6 lb (135 kg)
      Weight wet748.5 lb (339.5 kg)956.6 lb (433.9 kg)
      Water connection1˝ male NPT
      Condensate connection3/4˝ male NPT to ½˝ barbed elbow
      Safety condenserWraps around outside 
      Operating pressure, water side87 psi (600 kPa)
      High pressure cutoff, refrigerant side348.1 psi (2.4 MPa)
      Electrical Data & Performance
      Voltage / Frequency220–240 V / 60 Hz
      Circuit breaker15 A 
      Rated current compressor & fan2.7 A
      Rated power consumption compressor and fan (2)650 W
      Rated power, booster heater1500 W
      Heating output, heat pump3approx. 1700 W
      Energy factor3.053.39
      DOE est. yearly energy usage / cost1040 kWh1289 kWh
      DOE est. yearly energy cost$169$155
      First hour rating50.3 gal (190.4 l)74.2 gal (280.8 l)

       * Sound Power Level measures the sound energy emitted by a source. Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measures the sound level (loudness) at a distance from the source. SPL varies depending on the acoustic environment and the accuracy of the measurement device. 

      1 Tamb = 107.6 °F (42 °C) Twater = 149 °F (65 °C) / 240 V 

      2 Test point to DIN 8497 at 59 °F (15 °C) air temperature, 70% rel. humidity and 113 °F (45 °C) water temperature. 

      3 Test point at 59 °F (15 °C) air temperature, 70% rel. humidity, heating up water from 59 °F (15 °C) to 149 °F (65 °C), according to EN 255 T3, 240 V / 60 Hz

      Heat Pump Comparison and Mode

      "Hybrid" Water Heaters Accelera Heat Pump Water Heaters

      Their most efficient mode provides the greatest savings

       they're capable of. Water heaters operates only with the heat pump.


      "Hybrids" must be set to the correct mode in order to either save energy or provide comfort. 

      Heat Pump Mode

      This is the main setting. Accelera is engineered to satisfy 90% of hot

      water needs through the use of the heat pump alone. In cases of high

      demand, one specially-designed electric "booster" element is located at the very top 

      of the tank. Positioned near the hot water draw point, the element has been designed

      and engineered to run as little as possible so that comfort is maintained and savings maximized. 

      Two standard electric elements activate for fast water temperature recovery. System allows heat 

      pump to work once demand has been met via electric elements. 

      Hybrid Mode

      Accelera is designed to satisfy hot water needs without having to pick a setting. There is nothing 

      to remember to choose i order to have both comfort and savings. 

      Twi standard electric elements activate sooner and stay on longer than in their "hybrid" mode. High Demand Mode

      Accelera is engineered to work as a harmonious whole to offer comfort and savings without having to ask, 

      "what setting do I need to choose today?" In cases of extraordinarily high demand the Accelera 220 E has a 

      user accessible booster function that will engage the booster element.

      Heat pump is disabled and, just like a standard electric tank, two electric elements heat the

      water. "Hybrids" don't have active defrost and must enable this mode so the evaporator can

      defrost. This mode is also selected if the heat pump fails. 

      Standard Mode

      Accelera was engineered so that the heat pump doesn't need to be disabled for a defrost cycle. We also engineered 

      for reliability. Why pay extra for a heat pump water heater if you're just going to end up with

      a standard electric tank?

      Water heater maintains a very low temperature in the tank then reheats the water the 

      day before you return. 

      Vacation Mode

      Our super-insulated tank keeps water hot in an Accelera during a 2-week vacation for less than $4. No one has t worry if

      vacation mode was set to wake up on the correct day. 


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