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Shop and Save 10% With RISE10 at Checkout.

Havelock Wool Sheep's Wool Blown-In Insulation - Pallet (21 Bags)

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Improves Home Comfort
Made from Renewable Resources
Helps With Sound Attenuation
Pest Resistant
Fire Resistant
Water Resistant
Improves Indoor Air Quality
Helps You Save Money
Helps You Save Energy

What's Included

  • Sold by the pallet
  • Each pallet includes 21 bags
  • 26.5 cubic ft per bag
  • 30 lbs per bag
  • R-4.3 per inch

Every Rise order is shipped carbon neutral.

On top of our commitment to 1% For the Planet, Rise also guarantees Carbon Neutral Shipping on all of its orders, regardless of size or destination.

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More about this product (provided by the manufacturer)

Havelock Wool loose-fill insulation is widely used in residential and commercial construction applications that require superior thermal, moisture, and acoustic insulation.


We produce our loose-fill following a proprietary and repeatable manufacturing process. This yields knops, or balls, that enhance our wool’s ability to trap increasing amounts of air. This process accelerates wool’s inherent characteristics and allows us to achieve an R-value of 4.3 per inch which exceeds most other insulation mediums.


  • Loose-fill insulation to be used in all insulation applications.
  • Fast, easy and safe installation requiring no special protective clothing.
  • Class A rated for Fire Resistance and Smoke Development.
  • Treated with boric acid to resist insects.
  • Wool does not support the growth of mold.
  • Passive air filtration - amino acids in wool bond with harmful chemicals.
  • No off-gassing – natural characteristics make our insulation devoid of harmful chemicals.

Specifications and Important Details

  • You will need to be present for delivery. Shipping company contact details and tracking number will be provided.
  • Our wool ships LTL on pallets on a semi- truck with a 53' trailer. Oneway streets, dirt or gravel roads are not suitable for delivery. Max pallet size is 4'x4'x8' and is delivered to the curb of street and driveway, it is not delivered to your door.
  • Complimentary lift gate offered on every delivery.
  • Our system detects Residential vs Commercial addresses as commercial addresses are less expensive to ship to.

Installation Notes

No protective clothing required - see installation video for details. 

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