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No Mow May 🐝 Save 15% with code May15 at checkout! With each purchase, Rise will plant 3 trees to help reforest the planet.
No Mow May 🐝 Save 15% with code May15 at checkout! With each purchase, Rise will plant 3 trees to help reforest the planet.

Vermont Natural Coatings DynaSeal Multi-Surface Sealer Concentrate

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Vermont Natural Coatings has found a better way in an industry where toxins are the norm. Unlike most sealants that sit on the surface and wear away quickly, requiring reapplication every year or two, Dynaseal uses nanotechnology to penetrate deep into the substrate. This creates a breathable, flexible barrier that becomes part of the cellular structure, preventing water from seeping in while allowing moisture to escape. Dynaseal Multi-Surface Sealer is an innovative new product for a changing world that places renewed importance on our future. Vermont Natural Coatings: delivering coatings safe for people, pets, and the planet.

  • It can be applied on green concrete
  • Resistant to salts & chlorides
  • Ultra-low VOCs
  • Non-film-forming
  • 1-coat protection
  • Primes and seals surfaces
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Protects against mold and mildew stains & airborne black mold

COVERAGE: One Gallon of prepared Dynaseal (one part Dynaseal mixed with one part water) will cover approximately 200-300 sq. ft. depending on conditions. VOC ≤ 2 g/

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        More about this product

        Dynaseal Multi-Surface Sealer is a highly effective, multipurpose sealant to waterproof and protect all types of wood, concrete, and masonry surfaces. Revolutionary new nanoparticle technology creates a flexible non-film forming breathable barrier that penetrates below the surface to protect from water damage and decay.

        Surface Preparation

        Surface should be free of dust, dirt, contaminants, oil, grease or additives. Clean surfaces thoroughly with Vermont Natural Coatings Multi-Surface Cleaner before applying Dynaseal Multi-Surface Sealer. Can be used as a primer for Vermont Natural Coatings PolyRock Concrete Coating. Can be painted over when dry to touch. 

        Installation Notes

        • Dynaseal Multi-Surface Sealer Concentrate is designed to be diluted with clean water for each part of Concentrate as follows: mix one part water to one part Concentrate. Blend 10 minutes with electrical mixer.
        • Always test finish on a discrete area to confirm desired appearance. For best results apply when relative humidity is between 40% to 60%. Do not apply if temperature is below 35˚F/1.67˚C.
        • Apply with a brush, painters pad, pump-up garden sprayer, air-assisted and/or airless sprayer. Use 17 to 19 tip and medium to coarse spray pattern. Brush out any puddles. 
        • Apply one coat. If applying two coats or when using tints and two coats are required, apply second coat when first coat is still damp. Do not sand between coats. On very porous concrete or masonry an additional coat may be necessary.
        • Under normal conditions treated wood will be dry and ready for foot traffic in 2-3 hours. 

        Documentation and Tear Sheets

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