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Vents-US TwinFresh Expert RW1-85-2 V.2 Ductless Energy Recovery Ventilator

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Improves Home Comfort
Improves Indoor Air Quality

The TwinFresh Expert RW1-85-2 V.2 is the most powerful Twinfresh unit with up to 50 CFM to ensure filtration and supply of fresh air into the room as well as exhaust of stale air with energy regeneration. WI-Fi enabled (Android and IOS app available) the RW1-85-2 V.2 can be paired with multiple units for whole-home coverage or single rooms up to 500 sq ft.


  • Controlled by Android or iOS smartphone through the cloud server from any part of the world.
  • One TwinFresh Expert unit in ventilation mode can serve rooms up to 500 sq. ft
  • Wi-Fi communication between several ventilators for coordinated operation.
  • Efficient supply and exhaust single-room ventilation with air flow up to 50 CFM.
  • High-tech ceramic heat exchanger with regeneration efficiency up to 70 %.
  • Reversible DC motors with low energy demand from 3.78 W and safe voltage of 12V.
  • Integrated control system.
  • Silent operation from 0.5 Sones.
  • Easy mounting and maintenance.
  • Air cleaning with total MERV 5 class filters (optionally MERV 14 filter).
  • Rated for non-stop operation.
  • Frost- and condensate-free.

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More about this product (provided by the manufacturer)

Ceramic energy accumulator (regenerator)

The high-tech ceramic regenerator with heat recovery efficiency up to 70 % is used for heating of supply air by means of the exhaust air heat recovery. Due to its honeycomb structure, the unique heat exchanger has larger air contact area and excellent heat conducting and accumulating properties. One of the best heat recovery efficiency on the market due to innovative hexagonal structure of the heat exchanger cells


Reversible DC fan

Air is supplied or exhausted by a reversible axial fan with DC motor. Due to DC technology the fan has outstanding low energy demand. The fan is powered by safe voltage 12 V. The motor has integrated overheating protection and ball bearings for long service life.


Air filters

The two integrated air filters with total filtration rate MERV 5 provide supply and exhaust air filtration. The filters prevent ingress of dust and insects into the supply air and contamination of the ventilator parts. The filters also have antibacterial treatment. The filter cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner or water flushing. MERV 14 filter with the filtration class PM2.5 99 % is available as a specially ordered accessory.*


* Reduces the air flow down to 40 CFM when installed.

Specifications and Important Details

Voltage / 50 (60) Hz [V]1~100-240
Power consumption [W]3.784.716.8510.55
Air flow in ventilation mode [CFM]9182950
Air flow in regeneration mode [CFM]491525
Sound pressure level @ 10 ft [Sones]
Transported air temperature [°F]from +5 up to +104
Regeneration efficiency [%]≤ 70
Regenerator typeCeramic
FilterMERV 5, MERV 14 (option)

Documentation and Tear Sheets

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