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Vents-US DVUT 300 HB EC Commercial HRV/ERV

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Improves Indoor Air Quality
Professional Installation Recommended

The DVUT 300 HB EC air handling unit is intended for single-room ventilation of schools, offices, and other public and commercial spaces. These air handling units do not require a duct system and provide a simple yet efficient ventilation solution for newly built and renovated spaces. Floor mounted with an Airflow capacity of up to 188 CFM to ensure a supply of fresh air.


  • Airflow capacity up to 188 CFM.
  • Recovery efficiency up to 92 %.
  • Power consumption: 125 W.
  • Sound level from 0.36 Sones
  • Efficient supply and exhaust ventilation of individual spaces.
  • Low-energy EC fans.
  • Low noise operation (25-35 dBA).
  • Simple installation.
  • Contemporary design.

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More about this product (provided by the manufacturer)

Warm, stale indoor air passes through the filter and the heat exchanger and is then extracted outdoors through the wall duct by the centrifugal extract fan. Cold outdoor air passes through the filters and the heat exchanger and then is supplied by means of the centrifugal supply fan.


The heat of extracted air is transferred to supply air by means of the heat exchanger, providing comfortable fresh air temperature and reducing costs for its heating.

* Reduces the air flow down to 40 CFM when installed.



  • The casing is made from high-quality polymer coated steel with internal heat and sound insulation made of mineral wool from 40 to 80 mm in thickness.
  • The contemporary design helps the units blend in nicely with a wide variety of interiors.



  • Supply and exhaust dampers are closed automatically while the unit is off to prevent drafts.



  • Filtering class depends on standard sizes and is specified in the table with characteristics.



  • The units feature high-performance, electronically commutated (EC), external rotor motors with forward curved blades. These state-of-theart units offer excellent energy efficiency. In addition to that, EC motors combine high performance and optimum control over the entire speed range. EC motors have an excellent power efficiency (up to 90 %).



  • The DVUT HBE EC  units are equipped with an electric preheater to prevent heat exchanger freezing.



  • The DVUT HBE2 EC units are equipped with electric reheaters to raise the supply air temperature.



  • The units are equipped with a bypass for summer ventilation.


HEAT EXCHANGER  Specifications

The DVUT units feature a counter-flow heat exchanger made of polystyrene. The heat of the extract air is transferred to the supply air via the heat exchanger which greatly helps reduce ventilation heat losses. This can lead to formation of condensate that is collected in a special drain pan and discharged into the sewage system.

In the warm season the outdoor air heat is transferred to extract air. This enables considerable reduction of the supply air temperature which reduces the air conditioning load.


The DVUE units are equipped with a counter-flow enthalpy heat exchanger. In the cold season the extract air heat and moisture are transferred to the supply air stream through the enthalpy membrane. Heat recovery minimizes heat losses from ventilation.


In the warm season the outdoor air heat and moisture are transferred to the extract air stream through the enthalpy membrane. This enables considerable reduction of the supply air temperature and humidity, which reduces the air conditioning load.



Specifications and Important Details



Frequency5-60 HZ
RPM 2150min-1
Transported Air temp-13...+122Degrees F
FilterMERV 8
SEC class Class A
Sound pressure @10ft1.6 scones
InsulationMineral Wool
Maximum Air Flow188 CFM
Connected Air duct size7 7/8inch
Heat exchange   

Freeze protection

  • There are two methods of protecting the heat exchanger against freezing in cold conditions.
  • In units without an electric preheater the supply fan is shut down automatically, using the feedback from the extract air temperature sensor, to let the warm extract air thaw the heat exchanger. The supply fan then re-activates and the unit reverts to normal operation.
  • In units with an electric preheater the supply air is warmed up before entering the heat exchanger which prevents freezing. This method ensures a continuous balanced air exchange.


  • The units DVUT/DVUE HB EC A21 are equipped with an in-built control system. An A21 controller allows integrating the unit into the Smart Home system or BMS (Building Management Systems). Remote control panel is not included in the delivery set and is available as specially ordered accessory. The unit is controlled via Wi-Fi by means of the VENTS AHU mobile application that must be downloaded.

Documentation and Tear Sheets

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