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Beat the Heat ☀️ With Our 10% Off Sale. Rise plants 3 trees 🌳 with every order to help reforest the planet.
Beat the Heat ☀️ With Our 10% Off Sale. Rise plants 3 trees 🌳 with every order to help reforest the planet.

Continental Fan TF Tranquil Bathroom Fan

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Beat the Heat ☀️ With Our 10% Off Sale. Use code july10 at Checkout. Exclusions apply

TF Tranquil Bathroom Fans are engineered to provide superior ventilation and efficient performance. These traditional in-ceiling fans provide a whisper-quiet operation that is under one sone. The built-in damper prevents a backdraft, keeping tempered air in a home when the fan is not operating. TF Tranquil fans are available in lighted and non-lighted versions, suitable for all interiors.

Features and Benefits of TF Tranquil Bathroom Fans

  • Superior ventilation and efficient performance
  • Whisper-quiet, under one sone
  • TF80 , TF110, & TF150 models
  • Lighted (TF80L & TF110L) models available
  • Clean, simple grille design
  • Galvanized steel housing
  • Easy installation
  • Double hanger mounting brackets adjust up to 24″ span
  • Built-in backdraft damper
  • Efficient AC motor
  • Single-phase; 120V, 60 Hz operation
  • Automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • Available to fit duct sizes 4″ and 6″
  • Model TF80 is HVI and ENERGY STAR®

Available In Three Options:

  • Tranquil Bathroom Fan, 80 cfm, 4” & 6” Duct
  • Tranquil Bathroom Fan, 110 cfm, 4” & 6” Duct
  • Tranquil Bathroom Fan, 150 cfm, 6” Duct

Rise plants three trees with every purchase!

With the help of our customers, Rise has committed to carbon neutral shipping and planting +40,000 trees by April 2023 to help restore areas devastated by wildfires in North America and restore the coastal mangrove population in Indonesia.

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Model Comparison

CFM @ 0.1" SP80110150
CFM @ 0.25" SP58100 
POWER RATING (V/Hz)120V / 60Hz120V / 60 Hz120V / 60 Hz
DUCT DIA. (In.)4 & 64 & 66
GRILLE SIZE (In.)13 x 1413 x 1413 x 14
L x W x H (In.)
11.375 x 10.5 x 7.62511.375 x 10.5 x 7.62511.375 x 10.5 x 7.625

How much airflow is required?

HVI recommends ventilation rates based on 8 air changes per hour. For most bathrooms this works out to 1 cfm per square foot of area, with a minimum of 50 cfm.

  • A bathroom less than 100 square feet:
    • Calculate 1 cfm per square foot of floor area. A minimum of 50 cfm is the required ventilation rate.
  • A bathroom larger than 100 square feet:
    • To calculate the proper ventilation rate, add the cfm requirement for each fixture; toilet 50 cfm,shower 50 cfm, bathtub 50 cfm, jetted tub 100 cfm. Note: For proper sizing,the static pressure (SP) needs to be calculated.

What is HVI?

HVI, also known as the Home Ventilating Institute, is an independent non-profit organization that certifies fan performance characteristics and provides HVAC guidelines for consumers.


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