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Shop and Save 10% With RISE10 at Checkout.

BoMol – Exterior Trim Stain

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Contains Low VOC Levels

Vermont Natural Coatings and Böhme’s BoMol Exterior trim stain is for use on trim, doors, windows and siding and can be used on new and pre-stained wood.

Protects wood from damaging UV rays.

Paint-like surface build with the penetration of a stain.

Available in 5 colors: Clear, Pure Natural, Western Red Cedar, Butternut and Walnut

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Product Details

  • Ultra-Low VOC (Less than 30g/L)
  • Covers 250-350 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Ready for second coat after 24 hours
  • 12 month shelf life unopened
  • Available in quarts, gallons and five gallon pails
  • Easy application & water cleanup

Product Information

BoMol Product Profile

BoMol Technical Data Sheet

BoMol Safety Data Sheet


Additional Product Information:

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of any grease, glue or other contaminants prior to staining.

For previously stained wood, sand surface lightly to help adhesion.

If coating unfinished softwood, we recommend using Suncare 900 as a pre-treatment.

For all other unfinished woods, pre-treat with Hydro-Oil Primer.


  1. Stir well prior to use.
  2. Always test the finish on a sample piece of wood to confirm the desired appearance.
  3. Apply with brush, paint pad, roller or spray.
  4. Two coats are recommended on all sides of wood.
  5. Apply evenly with the grain and always maintain a wet edge. If rolling, follow with brush or paint pad.
  6. For best results apply in temperatures between 45° – 80°F and relative humidity of 40%-60% Do not apply when rain is expected within 24 hours. 

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