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The Accelera 300 E and 220 E is a Heat Pump Water Heater designed to reduce your water heating costs by up to 80%. It's German Engineered and boasts a 10-yr warranty.

Real Energy Efficiency

Reduces hot water costs by up to 80%, making it highly economical.

Superior Design

Engineered with super-insulated tanks to minimize energy loss and equipped with a single resistance element for high-demand periods.

Low Environmental Impact

Uses environmentally-friendly R134a refrigerant and provides dehumidification in cooler climates.

Maintenance-Free Operation

Features an impressed current anode for corrosion protection, eliminating the need for regular maintenance.

Why an Accelera® E Heat Pump Water Heater?



What is the Accelera E?

The Accelera E is an energy-efficient heat pump water heater designed to provide domestic hot water using environmentally friendly technology.

How does the Accelera E work?

The Accelera E extracts heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the water in the tank, providing hot water efficiently and sustainably.

What are the key benefits of using the Accelera E?

The Accelera E offers high energy efficiency, cost savings, reduced carbon emissions, and compatibility with various heating and cooling systems.

Is the Accelera E suitable for both new and existing buildings?

Yes, the Accelera E can be integrated into both new constructions and retrofit projects, making it a versatile solution for various building types.

How energy-efficient is the Accelera E?

The Accelera E is designed to achieve high Coefficient of Performance (COP) values, indicating superior energy efficiency compared to traditional heating systems.

What type of refrigerant does the Accelera E use?

The Accelera E uses R134a refrigerant, which is known for its low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and environmental safety.

What are the installation requirements for the Accelera E heat pump water heater?

Installation requires adequate space for air circulation around the unit, access to an electrical outlet, and professional installation to ensure optimal performance.

Can the Accelera E heat pump water heater be used in all climates?

Yes, the Accelera E is designed to operate efficiently in a wide range of ambient temperatures, making it suitable for various climates.

What maintenance is required for the Accelera E heat pump water heater?

Regular maintenance includes checking the heat pump components, ensuring proper airflow, and annual servicing by a qualified technician to maintain efficiency and performance.

What are the noise levels of the Accelera E heat pump water heater?

The Accelera E operates quietly, with noise levels comparable to a modern refrigerator, making it suitable for installation in residential areas.

How will my Accelera E be delivered?

The Accelera E ships from the US and will go out via freight LTL on a pallet. Curb-side delivery will be provided for your new water heater, and your plumber/installer will be responsible to move the unit into its final resting spot.

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