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Dig into 🛠️ renovation season with handpicked products and 🌱 carbon neutral shipping on every order!
Dig into 🛠️ renovation season with handpicked products and 🌱 carbon neutral shipping on every order!

Vermont Natural Coatings DynaSeal One Step Wood Protector

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in stock, ready to be shipped
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Why Is This Product On Rise?

Vermont Natural Coatings DynaSeal One Step Wood Protector offers an industry-leading solution that prioritizes safety for people, pets, and the planet. Unlike traditional sealants, Dynaseal One Step Wood Protector uses advanced nanoparticle technology to deeply penetrate the wood and create a breathable, flexible barrier. This barrier becomes an integral part of the wood's cellular structure, preventing water from seeping in while allowing moisture to escape, making it resistant to fungal and microbial attacks.

The product is also resistant to salts and chlorides, has ultra-low VOCs, and is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Dynaseal is a non-film-forming wood sealer that primes wood for protection. It has a Class B fireproof rating, easy soap, and water cleanup, and provides excellent coverage, with one gallon covering approximately 200-300 sq. ft., depending on the wood's porosity. Choose Dynaseal for a safer, more sustainable wood protection solution.

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    More about this product

    Dynaseal One Step Wood Sealer’s revolutionary new nanotechnology creates a flexible  non-film forming breathable protective matrix that penetrates, stabilizes, and weatherizes wood. Protect from mold and mildew stain, airborne black mold and water damage and decay. Dynaseal is a sealer, waterproofer, and primer that provides years of protection with just one coat.

    Surface Preparation

    Surface should be free of dust, dirt, contaminants, oil, grease or additives. Clean surfaces thoroughly with Vermont Natural Coatings Multi-Surface Cleaner before applying Dynaseal One Step Wood Protector. Can be used as a primer or as a standalone one-coat wood sealer. Can be painted over when dry to touch. 

    Installation Notes

    • Stir or shake well prior to use.
    • Always test finish on a sample piece of wood to confirm desired appearance. For best results apply when relative
    • humidity is between 40% to 60%. Do not apply if temperature is below 35˚F/1.67˚C
    • Apply with brush, pad, pump-up garden sprayer, air-assisted and or airless sprayer. Use 17 to 19 tip and medium to coarse spray pattern. Brush out any puddles.
    • Apply one coat. If applying two coats, apply second coat while first coat is still damp. Do not sand between coats.
    • Under normal conditions treated wood will be dry and ready for foot traffic in 2-3 hours. 

    Documentation and Tear Sheets

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