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Getting ready for 🛠️ reno season? Save 10% on select products at checkout* with "spring10"
Getting ready for 🛠️ reno season? Save 10% on select products at checkout* with "spring10"

AFM Naturals Oil Wax Finish

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in stock, ready to be shipped
in stock, ready to be shipped
Getting ready for 🛠️ reno season? Save 10% on select products with spring10 at Checkout. Brand and product exclusions apply

Why Is This Product On Rise?

AFM Naturals™ Oil Wax Finish is a plant-based hardener and sealer for wood, bamboo, and cork flooring. It can also be used on other wood surfaces including children's toys and furniture.  

What's Included

  • This product is sold by the quart, gallon, or five gallon

Order Processing and Shipping

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Specifications and Important Details

Made of natural resins and waxes that together create a durable, water-repellant, watermark-resistant finish and sealer, enhancing and maintaining wood beauty and breathability. Based on natural vegetable oils, waxes and plant extractives, this product is free of lead, cobalt and citrus drying compounds.




Clean tools and equipment while they are still wet with citrus solvent or odorless mineral spirits.


Drying/Curing time

Under normal conditions, allow 24 hours of dry time before putting the surface into service. Normal conditions include a dry surface, access to fresh air flow, moderate humidity, and temperatures above 55 degrees F.


Health Precautions

As with all coatings and sealers, keep container tightly closed and out of the reach of children. Do not take internally. Keep from freezing. Always use adequate ventilation.

Installation Notes

Before using, stir Safecoat Naturals Oil Wax Finish well, then apply as is stirring occasionally during use. Apply with a brush, roller, pad or sprayer. ALWAYS conduct several test patches or a test coat to ensure compatibility and acceptability of appearance before application to the entire surface. Although Safecoat Naturals Oil Wax finish contains no formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients and requires no special protective equipment to apply, assure good ventilation throughout use and while product is drying. Apply the first coat buffing or burnishing with a buffing pad or 250-350 aluminum oxide sandpaper and work it rigorously into and with the wood grain. Allow oil to penetrate for 10 - 15 minutes, then APPLY A SECOND COAT WHILE FIRST COAT IS STILL WET. Apply the second coat in the same manner as the first. Allow the second coat to penetrate for 10-15 minutes, then wipe off all oil that has not penetrated into the wood with a clean, absorbent cloth (see warning about spontaneous combustion). Do not allow oil to puddle. Note: these instructions are intended to be general only and not exhaustive. The applicator should determine what preparation and techniques are best suited to the specific surface.

Documentation and Tear Sheets

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