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ūüźĚ Save 15% with code NoMowMay at checkout! With each purchase, Rise will plant 3 trees to help reforest the planet.
ūüźĚ Save 15% with code NoMowMay at checkout! With each purchase, Rise will plant 3 trees to help reforest the planet.

ALVI Smart Residential 1" HVAC Replacement Filters

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ūüźĚ Save 15% with code NoMowMay at Checkout. Some restrictions apply

Micro-particulates exist in our homes and can be dangerous. ALVI removes harmful micro particulate from the air that traditional filters do not.

An ideal solution for allergy sufferers and homeowners that want to ensure the best air quality possible for the entire household.

The ALVI Residential Smart HVAC filter system is designed to drastically improve the air quality in your home by removing harmful VOC's and microscopic particles like mold spores, viruses, and dust. A traditional HVAC filter can't come close.

What makes ALVI even more special is the included app that allows you to monitor in near real-time your indoor air quality and the performance of your filter. The ALVI HVAC filter system is available in a variety of sizes to fit most residential HVAC units and once installed only the ALVI filter needs replacing, much like a traditional filter, every three to six months.

The ALVI Filter pad uses low-density media reducing strain on your HVAC system compared to standard filters and high-efficiency systems so your home will heat up and cool down faster while extending the life of your air handling system.

Please select your original HVAC filter size from the list on the upper right.

What's included:

  • ALVI SMART Unit & 1 ALVI SMART Filter Pad
  • Colour: White/Metallic

Every Rise order is shipped carbon neutral

With every Rise order, three trees will be planted to help restore areas devastated by wildfires in North America and restore the coastal mangrove population in Indonesia. Rise has committed to planting 40,000 trees in twelve months for 2022.

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Technical specs

Technical Specifications


The ALVI Air & ALVI SMART are CSA & FCC approved. 

The ALVI Air & ALVI SMART fit all 1" furnace filter slots and is available in over 14 standard sizes.

The ALVI Air & ALVI SMART weighs 0.3-0.4 lbs.
Power Consumption

ALVI Air & ALVI SMART  consumes less than 2 watts of power.

802.11 B/G/N.

The ALVI Air & ALVI SMART come with a 1-Year Limited warranty.

ALVI fits all 1‚ÄĚ intakes, returns & furnace slots 

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