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Shop and Save 10% With RISE10 at Checkout.
Shop and Save 10% With RISE10 at Checkout.

Healthy Home. 

Healthy You. 

Stop offgassing with the safest, 

highest quality cleaners, paints and 

primers on the planet from AFM. 

Your family is worth it.

AFM Safecoat Logo

Helping people live healthier lives through safer building products. That’s the AFM mission. We continually develop superior quality paint and building solutions with low or no toxicity. Rise is pleased to offer a great selection of AFM products.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Each component in our formulations comes from quality, highly refined raw materials to create the “cleanest” products (in terms of chemical toxicity) available.

AFM has you covered

Our products were originally developed to help those with certain needs. But what if you have no allergies or sensitivities – you just want to live in a healthy environment? We have you covered too.

The highest quality

Our paints and stains apply with ease, our building products meet all expectations, and our cleaning products will leave you spotless. It’s a healthier world we’re creating and we hope you’ll choose to join us.

Our Best Sellers 

Choose from a great selection of our favourite AFM products

Paints and Sealers

Low and Zero VOC paints and primers that make you feel good about creating that new look.

Keeping it Clean

Cleaning was never so good for you or your home.